Garrett GT2871R Ball Bearing Turbo (56 Trim)

Garrett GT2871R Ball Bearing Turbo (56 Trim)

Turbine included has a wheel that is 53.85 mm with 76 trim and a .86ar or .64ar housing
Compressor included has a wheel that is 71mm with 56 trim and a .60ar housing

With a dual ball bearing design and turbine inlet in T25 style, the GT2871R turbo is highly sought after. Turbos purchased with the T25 style of housing come with the internal wastegate already assembled.

Looking for easy retrofit options for older T3-based setups? This model has an optional “T3/T4 drop-in” style of turbine housing. Note that the inlet flange is a requirement and external or internal wastegates are used. When ordering the T3/T4 drop-in, internal wastegate assembly will not be included.

A small displacement engine of 2.2L or less is the perfect match for this quality turbo. Compared to many other options, this model has a top spool up time. This turbo is packed with a 400 horsepower flow capacity. Its external packaging is exactly like the GT28RS, making it a slick and easy upgrade to 400 horsepower without the need to rearrange things.

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