Borg Warner EFR 6258 Turbo - 179150

Borg Warner EFR 6258 Turbo

FMW Extended Tip Compressor Specs
- Wheel - OD (exducer) measuring 62 mm
- Wheel Inducer measuring 49.6 mm
- Maximum Flow Rate of 44 lb/min
- BOV: As an EFR compressor, it has an built-in integrated BOV
- Housing: Inlet of 2.5" and hose coupler outlet of 2"

Turbine Specs
- .64 A/R, Single Scroll, T25
- Wheel: Gamma-Ti (low inertia); Recommended OD of 8 mm, or 55 mm
- Housing: stainless steel investment
- Outlet: GT-Vband with ~92 mm OD

Top Features
- Extreme durability
- Oil control orifice is built in
- Dual row ceramic ball bearings
- Low friction
- Fast spooling/response
- Ultra low oil seepage
- Integrated boost control solenoid and compressor housing, as well as speed sensor mounting provisions

Borg Warner’s EFR line of turbos are the most advanced of their type. They are engineered specifically for the performance aftermarket.

This model is chock full of attributes and features that will appeal to performance car enthusiasts. If you are looking for the pinnacle of what can be achieved with current state of the art engineering, this is the product for you. The entire EFR line was originally started from  a turbo systems program Borg Warner labeled Advanced Aftermarket Products.

This cutting-edge program started with a clean sheet of paper. Legacy products were not allowed. Neither were preconceived notions about turbo restrictions or limitations. The result is this new line of Engineered for Racing turbos, containing a full list of cutting-edge attributes.

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