Borg Warner EFR 6255 Turbo - 179149

Borg Warner EFR 6255 Turbo

Compressor Specs:
Type - Forged-milled wheel with an extended tip
Wheel - 62 mm OD exducer, 49.6 mm inducer
Flow rate maximum - 44 lb/min
Built-in BOV - EFR compressor housings have an integrated BOV
Compressor Housing - 2" hose coupler outlet and 2.5” inlet

Turbine Specs:
Single scroll, T25 style .64 A/R
Type - Gamma-Ti turbine wheel with low inertia
Wheel - 55 mm OD
Housing - cast stainless steel investment
Outlet - GT-Vband, “small 3-inch Vband,” with a 92 mm OD good for any EFR turbos

- Two rows of ceramic ball bearings generate low friction, faster response/spool times, heavy durability
- Has a built-in orifice for oil control orifice. ** No oil restrictors will work with EFR turbos
- Easy water cooling of the center section
- Double sealed compressor end and turbine allow for maximum durability and minimal oil seepage
- A boost control solenoid that fully integrates with the compressor housing
- Integration of speed sensor’s mounting provisions

The EFR lineup is known for its efficiency. This model is the smallest in the the EFR line. Its 62 mm OD compressor is fitted with a 49.6 mm inducer that has maximum flow of 44lb/min. At that level, it can support as much as 440 horsepower with a big map width for incredible power potential at high boost.

The 6255 may come in small package, but it’s the fastest spooling turbo in the EFR line. This makes it an ideal single turbo configuration for small engines when combined with modified or stock internal engines. It is a great option for drift, rally, autocross, street, or road racing applications.

The Gamma-Ti turbine wheel’s low inertia performance is ideal for anyone looking for faster spooling and maximum response. This model has the smallest available EFR compressor housing, allowing it to fit in even the tightest engine bays. It’s even great for twin turbo V6. Ideal for single turbo setups in the 260 to 440 horsepower range or twin turbos in the 400 to 700 horsepower range.

Taken all together, these features give this “Engineered for Racing” model an amazing appeal. It will provide you with a breakthrough experience in responsiveness, satisfaction, and durability.

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